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engaging customers and prospectsCustomer engagement marketing is a powerful approach that involves interacting with customers through a variety of channels (social media, email, website BLOG, etc.) and strengthening your relationship with them by providing content that is relevant, useful, and personalized to their needs. So how does customer engagement translate into increased sales?

Connecting With Customers and Prospects

The first step is to engage customers and prospects. So much of the time, advertising is simply tuned out. However when content is valuable, it draws customers and prospects in like a magnet. The more relevant, useful, and personalized the content is, the more engaged will be your customers and prospects . . . especially when the content is personalized for their particular goals and situation.

Engagement creates a foundation of trust and it also opens on-going communication, so when an ad or promotion is included, the customer or prospect is significantly more receptive to your offers.

Although increased engagement is great, it is only part of the process for driving more sales.

Applying 80/20 Rule 

Vilfredo Pareto was an 18th century economist who is credited with the 'Pareto principle' that states that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. For example, for most businesses, 80% of profits will come from 20% of their customers. Or 80% of their referrals will come from 20% of their contacts.

The trick is to have access to data analytics to discover who is your 'top 20%.' The more you know about how often they open (and which of) your eNewsletters, emails, social media posts, BLOG posts, etc., the better positioned you'll be to discover who is the most engaged (and what content is most engaging to them).

Managing Through Sales Funnels 

Armed with data analytics for discovering your most engaged customers and prospects, you have the opportunity to harvest them into actual sales.

For your top 20%, you can now have razor-sharp marketing campaigns to nurture them through sales funnels. The beauty of the customer engagement marketing approach, is that the relationship and trust you have built from providing them with on-going relevant, valuable content has positioned them to be highly receptive to your campaigns. 

By starting with your top 20%, these are the customers and prospects who are the most engaged. Plus, through discovering what content is most engaging for your most engaged customers and prospects, this gives you insights into what are their interests and needs, so that your targeted campaigns can be best designed to trigger them to take action.

The overall result is faster progress through your sales funnels and higher conversion rates for delivering repeat sales and referrals to new clients.


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