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To help members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) to grow their business, ASHI has formed a partnership with Applica Solutions for a new Member Benefit for marketing services.

Starting January 1, ASHI members will now receive a 20% discount on the Home Wizard interactive eNewsletter & mobile app.

Key features and benefits of the Home Wizard interactive eNewsletter & mobile app include:

- Generates referrals and repeat business by keeping you in on-going touch with your clients and promoting your brand.

- Provides PERSONALIZED home care reminders, tips, and home improvement suggestions to each of your clients, based on each client's specific goals, type of home, home features, knowledge level, and local climate.

- Is CUSTOMIZED with YOUR picture, logo, contact info, messages, and more.

- Your clients can earn CASH REWARDS AND OTHER INCENTIVES for completing their monthly home care tasks.

- Lots of helpful features. And in a recent survey, 88% of users said they would recommend Home Wizard to a friend.

- Getting started is easy, just add your email list and choose your customization options.

- To receive your ASHI 20% DISCOUNT, use group code: ASHI.

- Just ONE referral or repeat client can pay for an entire year of the Home Wizard service.

In addition to the Home Wizard eNewsletter & mobile app, there are free marketing tools that will help you to enhance your web pages, add content to your social media posts, and give you leave-behinds for your customers.


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