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If you are currently using the APPLICA Marketing Automation Dashboard, or are considering signing up, this article describes how the co-branding with agents feature can help you grow your business.

The Value of Co-Branding with Agents

Co-branding with real estate agents is when you choose to have your eNewsletters go to your clients shown as being compliments of both your company and the referring agent for each particular client.

There are two main sources of value from co-branding your eNewsletter with real estate agents:

1) Growing your business by endearing agents:  Allowing agents to have their names added to eNewsletters that go to clients that they have referred to you is highly valuable to these agents.  It helps keep their names top-of-mind with their clients, and gives their clients personalized home care reminders & tips that make it easier to take care of their homes and maintain their home values.  By providing this valuable co-marketing service to these agents, it encourages these agents to send you additional clients.

2) Growing your business by agents expanding your list of subscribers:  Because the co-branding agents can add their contacts as subscribers at no cost, you get additional subscribers who will be seeing your branding each month and every time they use any of the home care features, which increases opportunities for you for both inspections and referrals.

How Co-Branding Works

The APPLICA eNewsletter has two customizable branded versions, one version for general clients, and one version for real estate agents.  The customizable branded version for general clients gives clients personalized home care reminders & tips based on their particular home features, location, goals, and priorities.  And the customizable branded version of the eNewsletter for real estate agents includes articles with helpful marketing tips for agents, in addition to personalized home care reminders & tips for making it easier for them to take care of their homes (and for learning more about home care to help them become better real estate agents).

In the APPLICA Marketing Automation Dashboard, when you turn co-branding to "ON," then for each of your clients their eNewsletter will show the "compliments of" section with both your company's name and info, and the name and info for the real estate agent associated with that client.

If you are using ISN as your inspection software, then in your APPLICA Dashboard when you turn "ON" your synchronization with ISN, it will automatically add your clients and agents from ISN as subscribers for your eNewsletter, with clients receiving your custom branded general client version, and agents receiving your custom branded realtor version.

And since you have your co-branding turned "ON," for each client it will automatically check which was the last agent for their property, and then this will be the agent assigned for co-branding for this particular client.

In the Co-Branding section of your APPLICA Dashboard you are able to see which agents are listed for co-branding, and how many clients each has associated with them.  You can also edit and delete these co-branding agents.  And when you go into the Subscribers > Overview > see & manage list > property & agent info: add / edit >, you can see and edit which home properties & clients go with each co-branded agent.  Further, in the Co-Branding section of your Dashboard, you will see a link for "notifying agents" which has a suggestion for how to notify your co-branding agents to let them know how to login to an Agent Dashboard where they can customize their branding information. 

Plus in their Agent Dashboard it shows the agent how they can upload their contact lists for FREE, so that these contacts will begin to automatically receive your co-branded eNewsletters.


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