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Earlier this year, Applica completed a major upgrade to Home-Wizard with the goal of making Home-Wizard even more valuable to the users.  The upgrade included features to make users' recommended home care program much more personalized, and to also increase interactions with the application during the month (such as being able to mark tasks as 'done,' assign helpers, view contractor recommendations, etc.).  The feedback was VERY positive!

The purpose of the recent user survey was to find out:

  • How valuable is Home-Wizard now to users?
  • What do users like the most?
  • What could be improved?
  • Why do users think that home professionals (realtors, home inspectors, etc.) should offer Home-Wizard to clients like them?

We are very pleased with the results of the user survey.  The results indicated that:

  • 98% rated Home-Wizard as either 'outstanding' or 'very good.'
  • 87% said they would recommend Home-Wizard to a friend.
  • 91% reported that Home-Wizard has helped them to save energy.
  • 87% said that Home-Wizard has helped them make their home more safe.
  • 96% reported that Home-Wizard has made it easier for them to take care of their home.

And regarding the question about the benefits of home professionals offering Home-Wizard to clients like them, here are some observations:

  • Many users commented how Home-Wizard has helped to build the relationship with the realtor, home inspector, etc.  There were comments about how it encourages a good relationship, builds credibility, keeps their name in front of you, and shows that they care.
  • And there were many other users that gave comments about how much they appreciate the home professional helping them to maintain the value of their home investment. Comments included that being provided Home-Wizard helps them to maintain their home values, can improve their investment, and will make their home easier to market.

You can see the full user reviews with all of their responses and comments at: Home Wizard Reviews >


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