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What is Home Wizard?

Home Wizard is a personal home manager that creates a personalized home care program that provides monthly recommended tasks, tips and home improvement suggestions . . . based on each users type of home, home features, goals & priorities, local climate, and knowledge level. It also has lots of features to make it easier for them to take care of their home.

Home professionals (Realtors, home inspectors, HVAC contractors, builders, etc.) can customize Home Wizard with their branding and messages, and upload their email lists, and then we send their subscribers a monthly eNewsletter where they can access their monthly personalized tasks, tips and ideas . . . or they can download your customized mobile app. You have access to a 'Brand-Builder Dashboard' where you can monitor your subscriber's performance, upload email address, access advanced marketing tools, and more.

How does the Home Wizard eNewsletter service work?

The Home Wizard branded interactive e-Newsletter is more than a newsletter! In addition to helpful monthly articles, it contains a link to a personalized home care program that includes task, tips, and home improvement ideas that are personalized for each client's particular home. And all of this displays YOUR branding, contact information, and custom messaging.

Getting started is easy. You just add your client email list, and then on the first of the next month, they will get an announcement newsletter which shows it coming from your email address, with your branding and information. And then each month following they will continue to receive your newsletter, until you choose to cancel it.

When you log into your Brand-Builder Dashboard of your APPLICA account, you can easily customize your newsletter with your own picture and logo, contact information, special messages, etc. You can change your monthly message each month with personalized messages, special promotions, your own news and information. Or you can just keep the default messages.

In addition to adding your client email addresses directly, you can also add newsletter subscribers by downloading customized widgets and links from your Brand-Builder Dashboard, and adding these to your webpage, Facebook page, client mailers, etc.

How does Applica help me build my personal brand and customer loyalty?

If you are a home professional, you know how important it is to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. And by you making it easier for them to take care of their home, save energy, improve safety, etc. it is a great way to show them that you really care about them, and a great way for you to build your personal brand and increase your customer loyalty.

Applica has developed innovative applications like the Home Wizard mobile app, the Home Wizard web version, and the Home Wizard eNewsletter that provide valuable services to your clients . . . services that they will appreciate and will be using on a monthly and sometimes daily basis. And as they use them, with each interaction they will see YOUR branding information, such as your picture or logo, contact information, customized messages, Facebook link, etc.

You can see how this works in this video: For Home Professionals: Using Home Wizard to Build Your Brand

And the features of your branded Home Wizard app are designed to increase your interactions with clients. For example, features such as marking tasks as 'done' throughout the month, assigning tasks to helpers, setting monthly reminders and snooze alerts, setting up additional homes, etc.

How does Home Wizard provide my clients with rewards for taking care of their home?

Home Wizard calculates an ideal home care program for each of your clients' particular home and goals, and hopefully, them completing their monthly recommended tasks to achieve their goals is motivation enough! But to give them some additional motivation for completing their monthly home care tasks, Home Wizard has begun giving rewards for your client's completing their tasks. When your clients mark their tasks as done, they earn points which can be redeemed for special deals from popular stores and restaurants. And by submitting picture, they become eligible to win a cash gift card.

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What results can I expect?

Every home professional and their business situation is different, and results vary, but here are some stats that you might find helpful:

  • the average open rate for the Home Wizard interactive eNewsletter across all users is 35%.
  • in a recent survey, 98% of Home Wizard users rated Home Wizard as either 'outstanding' or 'very good'.
  • and 88% said they would recommend Home Wizard to a friend.

And you can read what home professionals are saying about Applica in this news release >

How does Home Wizard help me with building my social media, website and marketing reach?

Home Wizard includes free Advanced Marketing Tools ('Post-ables', 'Widgets', 'Icons & Links', 'Closing Gifts', and 'Your Recommended Contractors'), that provide you with: daily, weekly and monthly tips that give you valuable content that you can put right into your social media; home care widgets that you can add to your website that automatically change each month with articles, videos, tips and more; icons and links that you can add to your marketing materials; and brochures, postcards and flyers that you can download, so that you can give out Home Wizard as a closing gift to your clients. And you can your recommended local contractors in your Dashboard, and these are available in your branded Home Wizard, which is especially valuable to new homeowners.

How long has Applica been in business?

Applica has been in business since 1998. Originally named 'Customer Support Technologies,' we began offering the Home Wizard eNewsletter in 2002, and have been providing the Home Wizard eNewsletter every month without interruption for our clients ever since. In 2015 we introduced 'APPLICA Solutions' as the business service provider for the Home Wizard suite of applications, and began expanding into other business areas such as customer loyalty solutions for the the pet care industry and retailing.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel at any time, and delete all of your subscribers. Even if you stop using the eNewsletter, you can still access all of the free marketing tools.