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Intelli-Touch™ Client Portal

for Real Estate Businesses

powered by artificial intelligence

What makes APPLICA's AI-powered Intelli-Touch™ Client Portal unique, is that APPLICA uses artificial intelligence to engage clients and prospects, identify which clients are your best prospects , and to give you touch opportunities that clients will welcome.


Staying engaged with real estate customers and prospects is very difficult, as real estate is not something that is top-of-mind with most people.

APPLICA's AI-powered Intelli-Touch™ total care client portal: 1) keeps you in on-going touch with your clients and prospects; 2) uses AI and machine learning to identify which clients are your best prospects; 3) identifies welcome touch opportunities to reach out to clients when they would appreciate you sharing from your network of home care resources; 4) enhances your personal brand by helping clients to care for their homes.


  • Creates AI-generated personalized total care program for each client's home.
  • Provides clients with monthly personalized to-do reminders, tips, improvement suggestions, and articles based on their specific goals, priorities, and living situations.
  • Sends monthly eNewsletters to clients with personalized tips and articles, with one-click access to their total care portal.
  • Allows you to include easily embed ads and promotions in your eNewsletters.
  • Uses AI and machine learning to identify which clients are your best prospects.
  • Has automated client touches that you can set based on specific client engagement levels.
  • Provides clients with a secure Digital Diary where they can keep their automated maintenance log, receipts, project before and after photos, and important documents.
  • Lets clients setup automatic appliance recall alerts, which gives them free replacements or fixes.
  • Provides your clients with a complete online Home Care Library.
  • Clients can download an icon onto their smart phone and devices, that gives them one-click access to their total care portal.
  • Your APPLICA account can be synchronized with your existing CRM system via Zapier.

CLIENT REVIEW Five-Star-Review

"APPLICA enables us to hug our customers tighter and deepen the relationship with every single policyholder.

The APPLICA platform is our primary method for filling the top of our leads funnel. It. Just. Works!

APPLICA allows us to remain tech-forward and their AI-infused technology differentiates us on many levels.

It's like having your own team of Social Media, Marketing, and Content writing experts. Truly unique and engaging content."

Jeff Arnold is the founder of RightSure, North America’s most awarded insurance firm of the decade, operating in 42 states. He's the author of the best-selling books “The Art of the Insurance Deal” and “How to Beat Your Insurance Company.”


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$290/month for monthly
or $2900/year (saves $580)

plus $249 initial setup fee


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