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Home-Wizard User Reviews

Back in January of this year, we launched a major upgrade of Home-Wizard with lots of new features. So in July we conducted a survey to allow users to share their experience with the upgraded Home-Wizard. Shown below is a summary of the results of the survey, along with full user reviews.

Recent Upgrades

The upgrades completed to Home-Wizard at the beginning of the year include: a mobile app version for iPhone, iPad, and Android; and a new interactive format of the newsletter to give one-click access to a personalized home manager with monthly recommended task reminders, tips, and home improvement ideas . . . which are all based on the user's dwelling type, home features, goals, priorities, location, etc. And there are additional new features such as being able to mark tasks as 'done,' assigning tasks to helpers, adding custom tasks, adding vacation homes, and more.

Survey Summary

We are very pleased with the feedback from the survey, and it is exciting to hear that users are finding Home-Wizard so valuable for them:

  • 98% rated Home-Wizard as either 'outstanding' or 'very good.'
  • 88% said they would recommend Home-Wizard to a friend.
  • 92% reported that Home-Wizard has helped them to save energy.
  • 88% said that Home-Wizard has helped them make their home more safe.
  • 96% reported that Home-Wizard has made it easier for them to take care of their home.

Below you can read full user reviews, which include what they like the most about Home-Wizard, and why they think that home professionals (such as realtors, home inspectors, etc.) should offer Home-Wizard to their clients.