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For the Pet Care industry, Applica has developed a unique solution for helping you grow your sales and increase customer engagement

Uses artificial intelligence ("A.I.") to create personalized pet care reminders & tips, with personalized product suggestions, for each of your customers

If you are a . . .

Pet product retailer
increases your sales by displaying personalized helpful products suggestions to compliment each customer's personalized reminders & tips!
Pet care professional
reminds your customers when its time for your services, and helps generate referrals!
Pet association
shows your members that you really care about helping them to take care of their pets!

Increasing product sales

Applica's omnichannel solution enables on-going increased customer interactions, and each of these interactions are opportunities for displaying highly personalized offers of related pet care products, which your customers will appreciate.

Increasing customer engagement

Providing highly personalized monthly reminders & tips that are calculated based on each customer's goals, breed, and specific situations shows your customers that you really care about helping them to take care of their pet.