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MEDeTIPS Social Media Automation for health care professionals and wellness organizations.

Not promoting your health or wellness business on social media?

Or spending too much time or money, and not getting the results you should?

MEDeTIPS automates your social media with useful health care tips & reminders that engage patients and give you a dynamic, professional social media presence.


MEDeTIPS transforms your social media presence, making it more professional, robust and effective.

Attracts & retains your target patients.

Builds your brand.

Saves you time & money.


Your choices and priorities for your target patients are used to determine the useful tips & reminders that are created and posted for you.



  • MEDeTIPS also includes a BLOG that is automatically populated with your automated Facebook posts, and you can also easily add you own postings.


  • When you sign up for a year of our Social Media Dashboard service, you receive 3 free hours of digital marketing assistance (a $300 value).
  • You can use this assistance for any of your digital marketing needs.
  • Example assistance: designing logos; setting up Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram; improving branding; creating and boosting social media ads; optimizing branding across digital marketing channels.


or $960/year saves $192
and $60 initial setup fee


  • Setup takes less than an hour, to define your target patients and customize how you want your branding displayed.
  • Your postings have your logo and optional Instagram hashtag embedded into the posted image, so that when people share your posting, that your branding remains displayed.
  • You can select which days of the weeks you want your postings.
  • You can choose to have medical humor included, if you want to lighten things up a bit.
  • In addition to automated postings, you can also add your own custom postings, which can be included randomly, scheduled for specific dates, or be set to be recurring.
  • To help your website SEO, the MEDeTIPS service also includes an automated BLOG widget that you can add to your custom-branded website or to your existing website.
  • If you signup for a year, your service includes 3 free hours of digital marketing assistance (a $300 value) that you can use to help you with any of your digital marketing needs.

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