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Marketing Automation Dashboard

for Home Improvement Businesses

powered by artificial intelligence

What makes APPLICA's Marketing Automation Dashboard unique is that it enables you to offer your agents a free co-branded interactive eNewsletter for their clients.


Generating leads and referrals from agents requires building relationships and staying top-of-mind. APPLICA's Marketing Automation Dashboard enables you to help agents grow their business by providing them with a free co-branded interactive eNewsletter, then uses artificial intelligence to give each of their clients personalized reminders & tips based on their unique goals and home features.


  • Provides each of your clients and prospects with monthly, personalized home care tips & reminders, that are based on their individual goals, priorities, and living situations.
  • Displays your branding, logo, and contact info on your eNewsletters, which are sent with your email address shown as the sender.
  • Gives you an eNewsletter version for your clients and a separate version for your agents.
  • Enables you to offer your agents a free co-branded interactive eNewsletter for their clients.
  • Provides clients and agents with a secure Digital Diary where they can keep their automated maintenance log, receipts, project before and after photos, and important documents.
  • Lets clients and agents setup automatic appliance recall alerts, which gives them free replacements or fixes.
  • Provides your clients and agents with a complete online Home Care Library.
  • Lets you embed videos and add attachments to your eNewsletters.
  • Allows you to easily upload advertisements to be included in your eNewsletters.
  • Delivers an average open rate of 35% across all of APPLICA's clients.
  • Provides data analytics that can be used to develop re-targeting marketing campaigns.
  • Your APPLICA account can be synchronized with other CRM systems via Zapier.
  • Includes interactive web widgets and other web enhancers.


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$295 monthly
or $2950/year (saves $590)

plus $249 initial setup fee