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CAR-WIZARD Social Media Automation for automotive repair shops, collision & body shops, specialty auto services, auto parts & tire retailers, auto dealerships

Not promoting your automotive business on social media?

Or spending too much time or money, and not getting the results you should?

CAR-WIZARD automates your social media with the useful automotive care tips & reminders that engage customers and give you a dynamic, professional social media presence.


CAR-WIZARD transforms your social media presence, making it more professional, robust and effective.

Attracts & retains your target customers.

Builds your brand.

Saves you time & money.


Your choices and priorities for your target customers are used to determine the useful automotive care reminders & tips that are created and posted for you.



  • CAR-WIZARD also provides you with a website that you can customize and use as a website for your business.
  • Hosting this custom website is included with your CAR-WIZARD service at no additional cost.
  • Your custom website also includes a BLOG that is automatically populated with your automated Facebook posts, and you can also easily add you own postings.


or $960/year saves $192
plus $90 initial setup fee


  • Automatically posts useful automotive care tips & reminders onto your Facebook business page.
  • Setup takes less than an hour, to define your target customers and customize how you want your branding displayed.
  • Your postings have your logo and optional Instagram tag embedded into the posted image, so that when people share your posting, that your branding remains displayed.
  • You can select which days of the weeks you want your postings.
  • You can choose to have automotive humor included, if you want to lighten things up a bit.
  • In addition to automated postings, you can also add your own custom postings, which can be set to be recurring or scheduled for a specific date.
  • Targeted ads can showcase to your target customers that you have specialized tools for their particular vehicle.
  • CAR-WIZARD service also includes a hosted, custom-branded website that you can use for your business. You can customize this hosted website with your branding, Google Map directions, your services, recall alerts, and more.
  • To help your website SEO, the CAR-WIZARD service also includes an automated BLOG widget that you can add to your custom-branded website.

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