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Pet Care Industry

Building sales through improved customer loyalty

The pet care industry is characterized by both a high concentration of large-scale product distributors and a large number of regionally distributed local service providers. Applica is developing proprietary customer loyalty applications for the pet care industry such as the Pet-Wizard mobile app, that will help improve customer loyalty and promote additional sales for both the product and the service sectors of the pet care industry.

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Improved Customer Loyalty

Similar to the Home Wizard 'Personal Home Manager' which Applica has developed for the home services industry, Applica is developing a personalized pet care reminder application called Pet-Wizard, which pet care product and service providers can give to their customers as a value-added way of showing their customers each month that they really care about helping them with their pets.

Promoting Additional Sales

Applica's Pet-Wizard personalized pet care reminder application enables on-going customer interactions, and each of these interactions are opportunities for displaying highly personalized offers of related products and services, which your customers will appreciate.