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Fresh & Clean

Real Estate

If you are a home professional (realtor, home inspector, contractors, builders, etc.), Applica's tools will help you to grow your business by improving your personal brand and increasing customer loyalty.

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Fresh & Clean

Home Improvement Retailers

If you are a home improvement retailer (hardware, DIY, home furnishings, etc.), Applica Solutions has customer loyalty applications that can help you increase sales and strengthen your brand relationships.

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Easy To Customize

Pet Care Industry

Similar to the applications and services that Applica developed for the home services industry, Applica is developing customer loyalty solutions for the pet care industry which will enable pet care products and service providers to increase sales of their products and services.

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Responsive Design

Retail Solutions

Applica develops custom applications for retailers, which integrate complex algorithms into elegant customer loyalty solutions.

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Innovation at Applica

Applica develops customer loyalty solutions which combine data sciences, behavioral economics and emerging technologies.

At our core are skills for developing the complex algorithms which drive our solutions. We currently focus on four industry verticals: Home Professionals, Home Improvement Retailers, the Pet Care Industry, and Retailing.