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If you are a home improvement retailer (hardware, DIY, home furnishings, etc.), Applica Solutions has customer loyalty applications that can help you increase sales and strengthen your brand relationships.

Applica has developed the Home-Wizard personal home manager application, that can provide your customers with monthly personalized reminders, tips, and home improvement suggestions . . . based on their type of home, particular home features, their choice of goals, priorities, local climate, knowledge level and more.
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Home Wizard uses complex algorithms and a database of over 27,000 possible home care tasks, tips, and home improvements suggestions to calculate a highly personalized ideal home care program for each user's particular home and goals.

The Home-Wizard application can be customized to display your corporate name (or franchisees names), logos, messages, etc.
The Home-Wizard application's sophisticated customer data algorithms provide personalized accessory recommendations for each user's particular monthly tasks, tips and home improvement recommendations, based on that user's personalization profile (their goals, priorities, home features, etc.).
And links to these accessories can be integrated with your company's shopping cart.
And the Home-Wizard application can also be integrated with your corporate loyalty program and in-store IoT (internet of things beacons), to provide your customers with highly personalized loyalty rewards and unique in-store shopping experiences.

Benefits for your company and customers include:

  • Increased sales of your products, by Home-Wizard increasing your interactions with your customers and providing them with helpful personalized product suggestions.
  • Enhancement of your brand relationship with your customers, by demonstrating that you really care about helping them to take care of their homes.
  • Improvement of your existing customer loyalty program, by integrating it with Home-Wizard's data-driven customer analytics.
  • Enhancement of your customers' in-store shopping experience, by integrating our customer analytics with your retail IoT devices.
Home-Wizard incorporates principles of behavioral economics to encourage users to take actions consistent with their personalized goals. We believe this strongly contributes to why Home-Wizard achieves such high reviews from users.
In a recent user survey, 98% rated Home-Wizard as either 'outstanding' or 'very good,' and 88% said they would recommend Home-Wizard to a friend.
Home professionals (realtors, home inspectors, builders, etc.) have been using Home-Wizard to increase client referrals and generate referrals.
See for yourself (and you can put in Promo Code 'demo' to see an example of custom branding).
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