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Retail Solutions

Integrating complex algorithms into elegant customer loyalty applications

Cloud computing, the growth of smart phones, and social media are all driving fundamental changes in the application of customer loyalty in retailing. At Applica, we create customer loyalty solutions based on complex algorithms which integrate data sciences, behavioral economics and emerging technologies.

Applica Solutions combines customer loyalty data analytics, behavioral economics, smart phone mobile application technologies, and internet of things technologies ('IoT') . . . to create a new approach to enhancing in-store and online customer shopping experience and loyalty rewards, by enabling increased alignment of the goals of the retailer with the personalized goals of each customer.  Applica's SAAS-based loyalty solutions increase customer interactions and deepen visibility into customer personalization, which are leveraged into increased customer cross-selling and increased customer engagement.

Data Sciences

Our development of algorithms are based on combining creativity and deep industry knowledge. And to this framework we apply advanced data sciences techniques, which validate and support our algorithms.

Behavioral Economics

At Applica, our approach to customer loyalty is rooted in the principles of behavioral economics, which focus on encouraging positive customer actions by not just what is presented to customers, but how it is presented to them.

Emerging Technologies

Our retail applications incorporate emerging technologies such as the internet of things ('IoT'), mobile platforms, cloud-based data systems and more.